Monday, February 29, 2016


I’m gonna call my combining of Red & Cyan project Cyndrea and tag it as such
because it is basically the name of mixing the letters in the words red + cyan, in my weird way of making an anagram of it.

I was like, what AomiArmster letters can I pull from Red + Cyan and it was just R,E,A  so it was just Rea, kinda bland, the left over letters was D,C,Y,N. I rearranged and saw a name I liked!

CYNDREA, its like Cindy and Rea or whatever
Cyndrea is name-name too.

#FF0000 & #00FFFF shenanigans await.

There will be mostly colour schemes,palettes,and whatever mayhem that exists between Red and Cyan.

I changed the name of this blog to Cyndrea6 (the 6 for the 6 F's and 6 0's that make up the red and cyan hexes)