Thursday, May 24, 2007

Spinebabies and Aomipu

Hello loves! (yes, i know this is getting super annoying, i'm sorry!! ) Below are two links, the first one is for the Aomipu template and the second one is the Spinebaby template.
You can modify & color these two to your liking(anyway you want), its kind of a club/group/badge thing. These templates are in .gif format so you need to use an art program, something like photoshop,etc--so yeah edit them to your liking!
(you can make your own too but keep the sizes
12x12, 15x15,50x50,80x80,100x100 )

Little background info:
The Aomipu's are like a species of avatar they're just like small puff ball versions of something else.
Spinebabies are the creation of a number of people. It started when Xaphiroth had to go in for a spinal tap and then ManadaTehPanda freaked out and screamed something about a result of such a test 'tissues in the spine' or something, then it became a joke of Spinal Fetus, Spine Fetus, Spine Baby, something of the sort. That was back in Feburary!
It was just a few days ago that I joked around with a person ( Ve) and impregnated him with Spinal Fetuses
so he got the idea to draw such a thing, and then another person InsomniaticDreamer made a SpineBaby emoticon,stamp & an avatar.

How to get a spine baby, its easy, your spinal fluid is flushed out and fetuses are implanted in the fluid then it is put back into the spine :B

lol SpineBaby Society
Spine Babies Links/pictures:
If you are going to use the templates
please have them LINK back here to this journal!
and drop a link to where you are using one of the Aomipus or the Spine Baby!
yes coz this is a community thing!