Monday, November 09, 2009

Shopping List for Demons

For Low Fat Dairy
- Greek Yogurt 0% fat, plain
- Nonfat or Low fat milk: Organic Valley (lactose free available); Horizon.
-Low fat Cottage Cheese
- Light Yogurt
-Laughing Cow "LIGHT" cheese wedges.

Snacks/Other foods/fats
-Protein Shakes ( 150 calories, 20-25gm protein, less than 5gm sugar, 3-6 fat)
-Hummus Dip
-Low fat spicy black bean dip (TJ's)
-Tatziki Dip
- fat free microwave popcorn
-Kozy Shack sugar free pudding, Jello brand sugar free pudding
-all natural peanut or almond butter, sugar free jelly
-low cal condiments: salad dressings,vinegar,mustard,spices,herbs,garlic,tomato sauce,salsa.
-fats: olive oil,walnut oil, smart balance/earth balance, benecol,avocados.

-greens: spinach
-tomato,cucumber,bell pepper,radish,onion,zucchini,cauliflower (mini sizes TJ's)
-baby carrots, frozen broccoli,brussels sprouts,asparagus (tips only); organic if posssible.
- baby food vegetables
-vegetable soups: butternut squash, tomato,carrot,potato,mushroom. look for organic lower sodium content. 200-300 sodium per 1 cup: not creamed based.
-vegetable: juice: compare calories... lowest calorie & without fruit juice.

- frozen berries, other frozen fruit
- fresh fruit: bananas,apples,plums,peaches,mango: organic if possible
apple sauce: baby food cooked fruit: peaches,prunes,plums,bananas.

Carbohydrates/starches: (whole grain: at least 3gm of fiber or more per serving)
- instant oatmeal(high fiber low sugar) Trader Joe's "oatmeal complete or Quaker Oats 100% oats
-cream of wheat or grits
-AkMak Crackers look for 3gm of fiber or more per serving
-lentils, beans,butternutsquash,yams,sweet potatos

Other Proteins
- low sodium sliced turkey breast
-boneless skinless chicken breast
- fresh/frozen fish fillets not breaded
-lean pork tender loin
-lean ground turkey, chicken or beef
-Morningstar Farms : meatless links, patties and burgers
- extra firm tofu
- eggs or egg whites; or egg salad ( low fat: 3-6gm fat per serving)
-trader joe's frozen shrimp/scallops
-canned tuna in water (light, not white)
- sardines in water
-turkey meatballs/meatless meatballs frozen
-fat free refried beans,black beans,kidney,garbanzo,low fat vegetarian chili